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Simple, Polite and Equal, This Is Danish Culture You Need To Know

Simple, Polite and Equal, This Is Danish Culture You Need To Know

A simple life is an important part of the danish culture. When it comes to Danish society, culture plays a very big role. For example, greeting each other between people by shaking hands. This shows the norm of politeness.

In addition, women and men have an equal position. Whether it's in terms of salary and promotion at work. Danish people also get a salary when they leave for about 10 months of maternity leave. The culture in the country of Denmark has created a peaceful and happy society.

Get acquainted with the Danish Culture Society

Not giving employee salaries in accordance with the wages set by the state is considered impolite. Another peculiarity of Danish culture is that it is also considered impolite to talk to foreigners sitting next to each other on the bus or train.

It's unique, but there are other unique Danish cultures following this.

Hereditary fairy tales

One of the cultures that continues to be held by the community is about fairy tales. From generation to generation telling a fairy tale has become a big part of cultural heritage.

There are so many Danish fairy tales that contain stories of elves, goblins or other non-human characters. Elf is a beautiful woman who lives at the foot of a mountain. There are also fairy tales about Vikings.

Typical Danish food

Food has become Danish culture and what is famous is not only seafood. Like the traditional smorrebrod food, it is a sandwich that is in demand at lunch. There are also kolde bord or buffet food for lunch, frikadeller or meatballs, polser namely sausages, to hakke bof or minced meat.

Traditional Danish Clothing

Currently, the dancers who usually wear traditional clothes. Traditional Danish clothing has been around since 1700. Each outfit differs according to the region. Nowadays all traditional clothing changes can be seen in the museum.

Regional Music

The very special culture of Denmark is music. This country does not have a special musical instrument and music is usually made from a variety of instruments capable of emitting a loud sound. It is easy to identify which includes folk music from the expression of the language, intonation and dialect.

This is the culture of the Danish country which is quite interesting to recognize.

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